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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pay a deposit up-front?

No.   The Deposit is paid with credit or debit card through a secured link emailed to you at the time your vehicle is being dispatched to a carrier.  At the delivery of your vehicle, the remainder of the cost will be provided to the carrier COD, unless other arrangements have been made.

Will I get a better price and service if I book my vehicle with multiple brokers?

No.  All brokers have access to the same national load board, and the same Carriers who are interested in the location and route of your vehicle.  And those Carriers are going to be asking for the same going rates to all brokers.  Your best bet is to compare quotes and the policies of brokers, and go with the one that fits best.  

Booking with multiple brokers at the same time only upsets the whole system, and creates a lot of wasted time for everyone.  We will not book your vehicle if you have it listed with another broker.  You need to first cancel with the prior broker.  We have a reputation to keep up with our truckers.  We don't want to book them, and come to find out the load is already taken.  And worst yet, the trucker does not find out until he shows up at the pick up location.

Is my vehicle insured while being transported?

Yes.  Every carrier is required by Federal DOT law to have cargo insurance.  The carrier is responsible for any damages, from when he picks up the vehicle to when he delivers it.  The person receiving the vehicle at delivery, needs to note any damages on the BOL, before signing off on the BOL.  In addition, having pictures taken at the pickup and delivery locations, provides double protection in proving any damage occurrence.

The BOL (Bill of Lading) is the carriers proof that he/she has the legal right to be transporting your vehicle, and it is proof that the vehicle has been delivered, after you sign off on it.  (NOTE:  You can designate another person to sign off for you.)

Is it required for me to sign and return a contract for my order to be considered "booked"?

No.  By verbally giving your credit card information, along with the pickup and delivery locations of the vehicle, you are considered "booked" and under contract by Advent Logistics LLC, and most other brokers.  (Again, we do not charge your credit card until your vehicle is loaded with a carrier.)  Our next step would be to list your vehicle on the national load board immediately, to be able to move your vehicle as efficiently as possible.  Also, we screen all potential carriers through Federal DOT for quality assurance, before dispatching a vehicle to them.  We are always looking out for your best good, because we want you to have a great experience with Advent Logistics LLC, so that you become a repeat customer

Are there any other costs?

No, unless:  

1) Your vehicle becomes inoperable during transit.  In this case, the charge is between $100 and $200 (This is rare).  

2) You have household goods packed in the vehicle without notifying us. For your information, it is against Federal D.O.T. regulations for a vehicle being transported by a carrier, to have household goods inside of it. 

3) A carrier requests for a higher price.  In which case , you can choose to accept or decline the request (This is common).  

Advent Logistics LLC seeks to provide a  high standard of service to its customers!  We want you to keep coming back.  We personally thank you for allowing us to take care of your vehicle transport needs!  It is a privilege.